5 Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes

rug cleaning mistakes

Giving your rug regular and thorough cleaning is a must if you want to keep your rugs in your homes for many years to come. Having a well-maintained rug also means keeping your home safe from any allergens and bacteria that may lurk around your rug. In addition, a well-maintained rug can also be passed on to future generations and may become a great family heirloom. However, not everyone knows how to give their rugs a proper proper cleaning and are unknowingly practicing different mistakes when doing the process. This means that you have to clean smart and know that best practices when it comes to giving our rugs proper care. On the other hand, this article is about the cleaning mistakes that are commonly practiced by rug owners all around. Unknowingly, you might have been doing the same mistake too. Thus, being educated is a must to give your rug the care that it really needs.

Mistake No.1: You are not using an adequate amount of water. Water is actually very important when it comes to cleaning your rug. Don’t be scared of using water on your rug, especially if they are not prone to bleeding or are stain-resistant. Oriental rugs, for example, are designed to resist any liquid, thus making them very good household rugs. This also means that you can use as much water as you want to give it a thorough cleaning.

Mistake No.2: You are using the wrong cleaning solution. Rugs follow the same cleaning solution rule as that of washing clothes. It is important that you check the cleaning instructions printed on the back of your rug before deciding and buying what cleaning solution is best for it. Each type of rug requires a different care when it comes to cleaning. Some chemicals may be harmful to a specific kind of rug and you may end up ruining your rug in the process. Thus, it is important to read the label. When you are not sure, it is always better to ask advice from the experts or have them do the cleaning instead.

Mistake No.3: You put cleaning on the back burner. Time is of very importance when it comes to rug cleaning. If you don’t have a spare time in your daily routine to give a rug a regular cleaning, then you might opt out of having one. It is very important that you give your rug regular cleaning to avoid dirt from piling up. Dirt and dust are harmful to the yarns and threads used to create your rug. If left unattended, your rug will deteriorate and will lose its quality over time.

Mistake No.4: You don’t seek professional help. The idea of having professional help is something that a lot of homeowners are reluctant to do. The possible reason for this could be the amount of DIY tips and tricks found all over the internet or the cost of having a professional clean the rug. However, it is also advisable to seek help from them because they have the proper tools and equipment, not to mention the qualifications, to clean different types of rug cleaning.

Mistake No.5: You use deodorizing powders and agents. You may read various articles saying that you can use this powder and that to minimize the odor that is coming from your rug or carpet. However, not all products sold in the grocery stores are reliable and can be used to eliminate any bacteria that is already existing in your carpet. Deodorizers can only get rid of the odor. It cannot get rid of the bacteria that is causing it.

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