6 Rug Designs To Consider When Redesigning Your Home

Do you want to give your home a different look and appeal? Do you have your eyes set on new rugs to try and play around with in your home? If your answers to these questions are both ‘Yes’, then you are in the luck. Here, you will find out six designs that homeowners and designers are recommending to give your home a different look and appeal.

Design #1: Rugs and Story

If you find rugs that are made using reclaimed materials, you may want to grab it and bring it to the counter. Rugs made with these materials have a certain kind of appeal that other rugs don’t. As they are made from a unique combination of old rug materials, they tell a lot of stories. They also speak about the passion of the people behind the making of the rug.

Design #2: Bold Blues

Consider buying a rug that is in the Classic Blue or Scuba Blue spectrum. These two shades of blues are very bold and will surely give your room a different cool atmosphere. They don’t only give your room a different look, but their colors are also very relaxing to the eyes. They also exude the sense of luxury and the feeling of travel and escape. Talk about the blue waters of the Maldives and Greece.

Design #3: Art

Having rugs with different artistic designs is like giving your floor its own type of art. They are very inventive and artistic. They also make you smile the moment you see them on the floor. An abstract design will surely make you wonder what the rug is all about. A sun-splashed or a floral design will also make you feel at peace in the summer. This type of rug will be very suitable for rooms with contemporary furniture. It will make the room bolder and more alive.

Design #4: Hand Knotted

There are numerous rugs out there that are either made with modern technology or by hand. However, if you are able to find a hand-knotted rug which is made through love and passion, you might want to get a hold of it. This kind of rug is considered to be more superior than rugs that are made with the help of machines. They are unique. And if taken cared for properly, they will surely last several lifetimes.

Design #5: Geometric

If you want to take a different route with your rugs, then you might want to consider having a rug with geometric designs. This will surely transform the energy in your room. If you love geometric patterns, this will be a glove that fits your home well. You can choose rugs with subtle geometric patterns to rugs with repeating and large designs. You will be surprised how your room will take shape the moment you lay your rugs on the floor. 

Design #6: Natural Fiber

Rugs made with jute, sisal, hemp and other natural fibers will add warmth to your home. They don’t only give your room a different feel and natural look, but also rugs made of these materials are made to last. They can also be placed outdoors as they are more resilient to weather changes. They can also be a good foundation for your home design as they usually come in neutral color. This means that whatever home furniture you have, they will not work against the entire harmony of the room.

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