An Interior Designer’s Tips On the Easiest Carpets to Keep Clean

When choosing new carpeting for your living space, you may be inclined to pick the one with the prettiest pattern or the lowest price. But equally important, particularly if you have kids and/or pets, is choosing a carpet that is fairly easy to clean and maintain.

Carpets come in a variety of materials, and some are more stain and dirt-resistant than others. In general, synthetic fibers can resist staining more than carpets made from natural fibers which is why nylon carpets are at the top of the heap when it comes to both durability and maintenance. Wool, although it is a natural fiber, is another good choice because it is naturally water resistant and is less static which means dirt won’t stick to it as well. If the cost of wool carpeting is above your budget, consider a carpet with a blend of wool and a synthetic material.

Take color into consideration when choosing the right carpet, because dirt and stains will naturally show up more on lighter colored carpeting versus a darker shade. Texture can also impact how clean a carpet looks; Berber and other textured carpets are not only versatile for many rooms but also usually reveal less dirt. As they’re also made of olefin (polypropylene) fiber, they offer an affordable option.

High-traffic areas of your home may fair better with easy maintenance carpeting while fibers that require more upkeep can be used for quieter rooms. Whether you have children and/or pets should also determine what kind of carpeting will work best for your residence.

No matter what type of carpeting you choose, it will still require regular vacuuming and steam cleaning to keep it clean. It’s best to remove dirt right away rather than letting it settle. Carpet companies can also offer you optional treatments to help protect your carpet against sunlight damage. With the right choice and installation, the best carpet for your needs can enhance your home for years to come.


These carpet cleaning tips were kindly shared by Janine Dowling Design. Dowling is based in Boston, MA, but enjoys working with clients throughout the U.S.

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