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Rugs can take a beating cause by day-to-day use. Dust, ashes, dirt, oils, and stenches get stucked in the rug's threads as people, and even family pets, use them. Unless you intend to throw away an old rug and shop for a brand new one frequently, your rug requires good up keep and periodic cleaning. If you do not correctly care for your rug, it will not last long. When dirt and dust enter into the fibers of your rug, it will lead to abrasion, which in turn can injure the rug threads. If you allow filthy rugs to remain uncleaned for a long time, the dirt and particles can deteriorate the threads and create tears and holes in the rug.

We are a cleaning business that provides professional rug cleaning services and can be of great service to you. Do you have an unpleasant pasta, wine or coffee spill on your rug that you can't remove? There is no reason to despair. We can help to revive your rug. If your pet has a potty mishap or if the baby plays "baby diaper blowout", you can count on us to fix the problem.

If something happens to your rug, do not clean it by yourself. Instead, take a clean cloth and let it absorb the blemish. The cleaning products that you usually get from the supermarkets can contain too strong chemicals which can ruin the threads in the rug. Refrain from applying water onto any section of the rug, because it will widen stains and it could trigger the dye in the rug threads to run through. Your rug will not be the same anymore and you may also have problems with the floor underneath the rug.

We are a reputable rug cleaning service provider that also offers restoration and repair services. We will color test to see to it that the color pigments in your rug will not wash up while it is undergoing the cleaning process.

By using a 10-step cleaning system, we will do our best to carefully clean your rug. Every member of our staff has received in depth training. This ensures that you can depend on them to clean and repair your rug. Most importantly, we use a cleaning solution that is safe and will not cause harmful allergic reactions to your family and household pets.


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Expert Rug and Carpet Cleaners in Mountain View CA

We are a proficient carpet cleaning company that offers restoration and repair services. We are skilled in cleaning, restoring and repairing oriental rugs and have perfected strategies to handle your beloved carpets. We have the skill to repair and clean rugs and carpets that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. We also accept exquisite Persian rugs or Central Asian rugs, Caucasian rugs, k Anatolian rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, East Turkestan rugs and also Tibetan rugs.

CALL US AT +1 (408) 333-9566


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Every one of our cleaners and experts has the proper training to distinguish the fabric and threads used in your rug to identify the most effective cleaning technique. Not only do we have superior tools for cleaning, but our cleaning center has everything our experts need to do the job effectively.

Call us and ask for a free consultation. If you decide that you want us to clean your rug, we will come to your place to pick up the rug, at no extra cost.

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