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Rugs are exposed to stress every day. Foot traffic, household pets and spills: these can lead to stenches, dust, dirt, oils and ashes to get trapped in the threads of your rug. Routine cleaning and care will make your rug last and keep looking beautiful for a longer time. If dirty rugs remain uncleaned, the dirt and clutter can deteriorate the threads and start tears in the rug from the abrasion. If you just let the filth linger on the rug, this will cause problems in the fibers overtime and your rug will definitely need to be repaired to restore its beauty.

We are a cleaning company that provides professional rug cleaning services. If you spill tomato sauce, red wine or coffee on your rug, do not worry, we can be of service to you. We can take the stench out of the rug if one of your family pets confuses the rug for a potty.

To avoid a stain from spreading, use a clean cloth to dry the spot. However, it is not advisable to clean a rug by yourself. Cleaning the rug with store-bought chemicals is not recommended either. They leave behind crud in their track, and are too harsh and will just ruin your rug. Refrain from soaking water on any area of the rug, because it will widen blemished area and it could trigger the dye in the rug threads to wash up. This will result in discoloration of the rug and could ruin the floor underneath the rug.

We use effective cleaning procedures including color testing that stops the rug pigments from bleeding throughout the cleaning process.

When it comes down to cleaning rugs, we use a 10-step rug cleaning approach to make sure that your rug receives a deep and intensive cleaning. But we use safe and gentle cleaning products to make sure that your family and pets will not be subjected to harsh and allergy-inducing chemicals when you take the rug back home. All our personnel are taught and trained to use only the most suitable cleaning techniques, so you can feel confident that your rug is in good hands.


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We also provide repair, restoration and cleaning services for oriental rugs and carpets. We are aware that each rug needs its own kind of cleaning technique. We have the skill and proper know-how to repair and clean rugs and carpets that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. We also take on Tibetan rugs, East Turkestan rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rug, Anatolian rugs, Central Asian rugs and Persian rugs.

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Every one of our expert cleaners can distinguish the fabric and threads used in your rug which is useful when identifying the most ideal cleaning method. Our cleaning center is provided with all the best equipment and cleaning tools so that our experts can do their job effectively.

We offer free consultation. Contact us today. We will pick up your rug for no cost if you choose to hire us for your rug repair and cleaning needs.

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