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Eacy day, rugs go through use and abuse. Regular foot traffic over rugs can introduce dirt, oils, dust, allergens and stenches and all these get caught in the threads. Rugs that are introduced to excessive foot traffic will not last for long even when the rug is made up of good fibers if you let dirt and dust to build and pile up on the rug. Build-up particles will lead to problems on the threads of the rugs. Rugs can last for a longer time if they are preserved and cleaned regularly.

We are a cleaning business that provides qualified and professional rug cleaning services. Do you have a nasty pasta, wine or coffee spill on your rug that you can't remove? Did your dog or baby has a potty accident on your rug? There is no reason to fret. We've got what it takes to help you recover your rug.

When you spill a liquid over on your rug, you can try drying up the area using a clean cloth. But you need to use the services of a qualified professional for a thorough cleaning. Cleaning the rug with store-bought chemicals is not advisable either. They leave behind crud in their path, and are too strong and will just wear your rug away. Refrain from putting water over any blemishes as this will make the stain bigger and the dyes used in your rug could wind up bleeding. This will result in discoloration of the rug and could wreck the floor where the rug is installed.

We can help remove blemishes and recover your rug to its previous splendor. Throughout the cleaning process, we see to it that the dyes of the rug do not wash up by performing procedures like color testing.

Our 10-step cleaning system will extensively clean your rug without wearing away the exquisite threads that make your rug so special. All our workers are honed to implement the most efficient cleaning techniques, so you can feel confident that your rug is in capable hands. We also use hypoallergenic and safe cleaning solutions so that you won't need to be concerned about the safety of your household, including your family members and your household pets.


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Do you like to have repair, cleaning and restoration services for your oriental rugs and carpets? We will examine your rug or carpet to know what kind of cleaning technique is recommended. We have the know-how to repair and clean rugs that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. Other rugs that we take on include Tibetan rugs, East Turkestan rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rug, Anatolian rugs, Central Asian rugs and Persian rugs.

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Every one of our cleaners has the proper training to assess the fabric and threads used in your rug to identify the most ideal cleaning technique. We use only top quality and cutting-edge cleaning tools. We have all the necessary resources and tools to see to it that your rug is repaired to its former glory.

Call us quickly so we can inspect your rug absolutely free. And the best part is, when you hire us to clean your rug, we will pick it up from your place at no extra charge.

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