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Daily life can be tough on carpets. Odors, dust, oils, ashes and dirt can become trapped due to foot traffic, pets and spills. Your carpet will last longer if you clean it regularly and do everything you can to maintain it. An area carpet will not last very long if you let debris accumulate and do not take good care of it, even if you own a carpet with strong fibers. Dirt and dust will build up at the base of the carpet and cause friction on the fibers.

We offer area carpet cleaning services. We can help if you spilled coffee, wine or spaghetti sauce on our carpet. We can restore your carpet if your puppy had an accident. You can contain a spill by blotting over the area with a clean towel but it is best to avoid cleaning your carpet yourself. The cleaning products you can find in store contain harsh chemicals and these products will only damage the fibers of your area carpet. You should never apply water over a stain since it will cause the stain to spread and the dyes used in your carpet could bleed. This could result in a discolored carpet and could even damage the floor under the carpet.

We provide professional cleaning services to get rid of stains and clean area carpets. We use different professional cleaning methods such as color testing so that the carpet dyes do not bleed during the cleaning process.

We use a 10-step carpet cleaning process to thoroughly clean your carpet. Our carpet cleaning specialists received advanced training and you can always count on them to do a great job when cleaning and restoring your carpet. We offer non-toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning option so that you can use our services without worrying about the safety of your family and pets.


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Expert Carpet Cleaners in San Jose CA

We offer cleaning, repair and restoration services for specialty carpets. We use different cleaning techniques based on the kind of carpet you have. We can clean and restore carpets made from wool, silk, sheepskin and even cowhide. We accept Persian carpets, Central Asian carpets, Anatolian carpets, Caucasian carpets, Kurdish carpets, Chinese carpets, East Turkestan carpets and Tibetan carpets.

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Our professional carpet cleaners are certified specialists and can identify different types of carpets, materials and fibers to choose the best cleaning solution. We have high quality cleaning equipment and our cleaning facility has all the carpet cleaning equipment these specialists need to restore your carpets.

You should get in touch with us for a free inspection. You will get a free estimate and we can pick up your carpet for free if you decide to use our cleaning services.


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