Pet Stain-Friendly Rugs

Are you like many of the homeowners around the world that fell in love with a four-legged being? You are not alone. Feeling anxious about having a rug at home because your pet might have “accidents” on it? That feeling is normal. However, you should be happy to know that there are different rugs that […]

rug repairs and restoration

Are Rug Repairs And Restoration Worth It?

As time passes, our rugs, mats or carpets tend to sustain more and more damage. It isn’t noticeable at first, but after a few years, you start realizing the difference and even feel it. Well, something else to be concerned about as your rug ages is how dirty it becomes. Dust and debris are the […]

rug protection

Do You Need Rug Protection?

Keeping your rug clean and smelling fresh requires a lot of work. How often do you vacuum or deep cleanse your rug? No matter how much time you spend cleaning your rug, you will not be able to prevent accidents. Someone might spill a drink on the rug, your puppy might have an accident or […]

moth repellent on rugs

Can Moth Repellent On Rugs Work?

The big question for anyone who invests a lot of money and resources into buying, placing, and cleaning a rug, particularly a fine Oriental rug, is whether they can prevent moth damage. The first thing most people think of when they hear about moths is of moth balls and grandma’s house. The idea of moth […]

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