Do You Really Need a Rug?



So, why buy a rug? Well, there are numerous reasons why you need one and no matter how little you want to spend on rugs, you will be able to find something the fits your budget. Check out your local shop or carpet dealers. Although the less expensive you go, the less choices you will have.

Let’s look at a few factors that show why you need a rug on your floor. If you have a carpeted flooring, the number one reason for using rugs is to conceal the wear and tear that the carpet gets with everyday use. Think about it, when you stroll throughout a room, you usually take the exact same path. The frequently-used area will have the tendency to get dirtier faster and will wear away more easily than the other unused section of the carpet. Cleaning the whole carpet will just highlight this section and will make the carpet look uneven.

A rug placed on top of the frequently used area of the carpet with help prolong its life. Eventually, you will have to toss out the rug. However, purchasing a brand-new rug is a lot cheaper than buying a new carpet.

Another reason for wanting to buy a rug is to highlight a wooden floor. Having a hardwood flooring can already add beauty to your home. But a rug strategically placed, can accentuate the wood and draws the eye to the flooring so people can actually appreciate how beautiful your hardwood flooring is. People also use rugs to reduced the noise made by footsteps on a wooden floor. A rug is an excellent noise insulating solution when a fully carpeted floor is not an option.

On one hand, a rug can likewise be a focal point in a space and reflect your interior design skills. On the other hand, an unpleasant-looking rug can make a statement about your sense of style so always be careful when choosing a rug purely for aesthetic reasons.

Another good use for a rug is in an entryway to your home or apartment. Rugs help to loosen off dirst from shoes. Again if you have a carpeted floor, you would rather have a rug in your doorway where people can dust off their shoes than have walk on your carpet with their dirty shoes. Rugs are easier to clean that carpets. Rugs are less expensive to change also.

Cost can be another factor in opting to purchase rugs, particularly if you are still renting. Why pay to cover a whole floor with a  carpet which you cannot take with you when you move out. Rugs are smaller and you can easily pack it in your moving boxes.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a rug, pick one whose design, colors and material will last a long time.

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