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Rugs are subjected to use and abuse every day. Day-to-day foot traffic over rugs can introduce dirt, oils, dust, allergens and stenches that end up being caught in the fibers. Your rug will survive much longer if you clean it routinely and do whatever you can to maintain it. Rugs that are exposed to daily foot traffic will not last for a long time if you let debris and dust to build-up. This will still happen even when the rug is composed of durable and quality threads. Build up of dirt and dust at the rug's base leads to friction that bears heavy upon the fibers.

We offer rug cleaning services to help your rug last for a longer time and look more nice-looking. No stain is too taxing for us. We can handle wine blemishes, sauce blemishes, and even coffee stains. We can also clean and restore your rug if your dog had a potty mishap.

If spills happen on your rug, do not clean it with water and cleaning products from retail stores. Rather, take a clean towel and absorb the blemish. The items that you can often purchase from stores can contain strong chemicals that can damage the threads in the rug. In addition to that, do not apply water on a stain. This only makes the stain larger and could make the colors in the rug bleed, too. You would end up with a discolored rug and a floor that is ruined, too.

We offer professional services to clean rugs, eliminate blemishes and restore them to its previous glory. In the course of the cleaning process, we make sure that the dyes of the rug do not run through by incorporating methods like color testing.

We employ a 10-step rug cleaning technique to effectively clean your rug. Our rug specialists received advanced training, so you can always trust them to perform a good job when cleaning and repairing your rug. We also use safe and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions, so you can be confident that your family and pets are all safe from harmful chemicals.


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Expert Rug and Carpet Cleaners in Boise ID

As a reliable cleaning company, we offer professional services that make cleaning specialty rugs and carpets and removing stains much easier for you. We use the ideal cleaning procedure depending on the kinds of rugs or carpets you own. We can clean and restore rugs made from wool, silk, sheepskin and also cowhide. Other rugs that we take on include Tibetan rugs, East Turkestan rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rug, Anatolian rugs, Central Asian rugs and Persian rugs.

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Our professional rug cleaners are certified experts and can recognize different kinds of rugs, materials, and threads to determine the most effective cleaning solution. Our top of the line cleaning facility has modern devices required to restore and clean your rugs.

Give us a call and let us give your rug a free evaluation. We will offer you a quote and will pick up your rug for no additional cost if you choose to hire us for your rug restoration and cleaning.

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