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Rugs can take a beating caused by frequent use. Odors, dust, oils, ashes and dirt can get caught due to foot traffic, family pets, and spills. Rugs can last for a longer period if they are preserved and cleaned routinely. Rugs that are exposed to substantial foot traffic will not last for long if your allow particles and dust to pile up. This will still happen even when the rug is made up of heavy-duty fibers. The buildup of dirt and dust at the rug's base causes abrasion that affects the fibers.

We are a cleaning company that provides professional rug cleaning services. Do you have an awful pasta, wine or coffee spill on your rug that just won't come off? There is no reason to stress. We can help restore your rug. Even when your puppy or kitty has a potty mishap on your rug, we can remove the odor and stain for you.

Though it is possible to control a spill over by blotting over the spot with a clean towel, it is not recommended to clean your rug all by yourself. Cleaning the carpet with store-bought chemicals is not a good idea. They leave behind crud in their track and are too strong, which will only ruin your rug. Never add water on a blemish as it can cause the stain to spread out further. Water can cause the dyes in the rug to bleed. Your rug will not appear the same anymore and you may also end up having problems with the floor underneath the rug.

We offer qualified services to remove blemishes and clean rugs. We will color test to make sure that the dyes in your rug will not bleed while it is being cleaned.

To ensure that your rug is like brand-new again, it passes through ten different steps during the cleaning method. Every member of our rug cleaning specialists has received in-depth rug cleaning training. This means that you can depend on them to clean and restore your rug. We also offer hypoallergenic and safe cleaning solutions so that you never need to fret about the safety of your household, including your family and your household pets.

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As a reputable cleaning company, we render professional services that make cleaning oriental rugs and carpets and eliminating stains a lot easier for you. We have refined strategies to clean, restore and repair your most valued rugs and carpets made from wool, silk, sheepskin and also cowhide. Even exquisite Persian rugs or Central Asian rugs can be cleaned by us. We also clean Caucasian rugs, Anatolian rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, East Turkestan rugs and even Tibetan rugs.

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All of our professional cleaners are fully qualified and able to assess several types of rugs and materials to pick the best cleaning technique possible. We use only top quality cleaning instruments and have all of the necessary devices and tools to see to it that your rug is restored to its former glory.

Call us at any time for a free assessment. We will offer you an assessment and will pick up your rug, for free, should you decide to employ us for your rug restoration and cleaning.

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