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Daily life routines can be tough on rugs. Foot traffic, family pets, and spills can cause stenches, dust, dirt, oils and ashes to end up being caught in the threads of your rug. Rugs can last for a longer period if they are cared for and cleaned on a periodic basis. If you simply let the gunk to settle on the rug, then your rug will need to be cleaned and repaired pretty soon. This is regardless of how well it is manufactured. All the debris that have piled up on the rug causes abrasion that is not good for the life-span of the rug.

We provide rug cleaning services to help your rug last for a longer time and look more nice-looking. Do you have an awful pasta, wine or coffee spill on your rug that just won't come off? There is no reason to worry. We can help clean and restore your rug. If your puppy has a potty accident or if the baby plays "baby diaper blowout", we can come to your rescue.

If a spill happens on your rug, do not clean it with water or cleaning products that you have bought from retail stores. Instead, take a clean towel and blot the blemish. Most of the cleaning materials in the grocery stores can contain strong chemicals. Instead of cleaning it, it will only wreck the threads of your rug. Avoid dousing water onto any section of the rug because it will spread out blemishes and it could cause the dye in the rug threads to bleed, too. Consequently, this will result in a badly discolored rug with a high likelihood of the floor under the rug becoming wrecked too.

We are a professional cleaning business that can provide complete cleaning, restoration and repair services for your rug. Our 10-step cleaning process will thoroughly clean your rug without destroying the delicate threads that make it so special. We perform procedures such as color testing. This helps ensure that your rug's color pigments don't wash up while we are cleaning it.

All of our employees are trained to implement the most ideal cleaning methods, so you can be confident that your rug is in capable hands. Most importantly, we offer a cleaning solution that is non-toxic, which is great news for you and everyone else in your family, including your pets.


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We are a reliable rug and carpet cleaning company skilled in cleaning, restoring and repairing oriental rugs and carpets. We use the right cleaning procedure according to the types of rugs or carpets you have. We have the mastery to restore and clean rugs that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. Other rugs that we take on include Tibetan rugs, East Turkestan rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rug, Anatolian rugs, Central Asian rugs and Persian rugs.

CALL US AT +1 (702) 710-0410


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Our professional rug cleaners are qualified specialists who can distinguish different kinds of rugs, fabrics, and threads to decide on the most efficient cleaning solution. We have superior cleaning instruments and our cleaning center has all the tools and resources these professionals need to have to restore your rugs.

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