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The level of stress that rugs are exposed to each day is enormous. As people and household pets use them, dust, ashes, dirt, oils, and smells get caught in the rug's fibers-- and this is mostly brought about by foot traffic and spills, amongst other things. Surface rugs can last for a longer time if they are protected and cleaned routinely. If you do not properly care for your rug, it will not last very long. When dirt and particles get into the fibers of your rug, it will lead to abrasion, which in turn can injure the rug threads. Abrasion is not good for the rugs as they ruin and shorten the life-span of the materials itself.

We are specialists in the rug cleaning business. If you splattered coffee, wine or spaghetti sauce on our rug, we can help! We can also take the smell out of the rug if one of your family pets confuses the rug for a bathroom.

When you have a spill over on your rug, you can try blotting the area using a clean towel. But you will still need to use the services of a professional rug cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Cleaning the rug with store-bought chemicals is not a good idea. They leave behind crud in their wake. They are also too strong that can ruin the fibers of your rug. You must never put water over a stain as it can make the stain to widen. The dyes used in your rug could wash up, too. Your rug could wind up being discolored and the floor under the rug could also be ruined.

We are a professional rug cleaning company that renders restoration and repair services along with the rug cleaning. We perform methods such as color testing. This helps ensure that your rug's color dyes don't bleed while we are cleaning it.

Our 10-step cleaning approach will extensively clean your rug without wrecking the exquisite threads that make your rug so special. All our workers are trained to employ the most efficient cleaning methods, so rest assured that your rug is in capable hands. We also use hypoallergenic and non-toxic cleaning solutions, so you don't need to worry about the safety of your household, including your family and your pets.


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Do you want to have repair, cleaning and restoration services for your specialty rugs and carpets? We are the right company for you! We know that each rug or carpet needs its own type of cleaning method. We have the proficiency to repair and clean rugs that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. Other rugs that we take on include Tibetan rugs, East Turkestan rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rug, Anatolian rugs, Central Asian rugs and Persian rugs.

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Each of our professional cleaners has the proper training to distinguish the material and fibers used in your rug to determine the best cleaning technique. Not only do we have high quality instruments for cleaning, but our cleaning center has everything our specialists need to do the job effectively.

Connect with us as early as you can so we can evaluate your rug at no cost to you. You'll get a free assessment and we can collect your rug, free of charge, should you wish to use our services to have it cleaned, repaired or restored.

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