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Rugs go through use and abuse every day. Not only are they left open to dirt and filth when people step on them with their shoes, but there is always the possibility of spills and other challenges that impair the life span of the rug. Rugs can last for a longer period if they are cared for and cleaned routinely. If you do not thoroughly care for your rug, it will not last as long as it should be. When dirt and clutter enter into the fibers of your rug, it will introduce abrasion, which in turn can ruin the rug threads. Abrasion causes tears on the fibers, which will definitely shorten the life of any rug.

We provide rug cleaning services to help your rug last much longer and appear more gorgeous. Do you have an unpleasant tomato, wine or coffee spill on your rug that you can't remove? If your dog has a potty mishap or if the baby plays "baby diaper blowout", there is no reason to fret. We can help to recover your rug.

If spillage happens on your rug, do not clean it water and cleaning materials you have bought from retails stores. Rather, take a clean cloth and absorb the blemish to control the spill. Cleaning the rug with store-bought chemicals is not advisable. They leave behind crud in their path and are too strong, which will just damage your rug. Refrain from applying water onto any section of the rug because it will widen blemish and it could trigger the dye in the rug threads to run through, too. Your rug will not look the same and you may also have problems with the floor underneath the rug.

We are a reputable rug cleaning business that offers cleaning restoration and repair services. In the course of the cleaning process, we make sure that the dyes of the rug do not run through by performing procedures like color testing.

Our 10-step cleaning approach will thoroughly clean your rug without ruining the exquisite threads that make your rug so special. All our team members are taught to apply the most effective cleaning techniques, so you can be confident that your rug is in capable hands. We also use safe and hypoallergenic solutions to make your family and household pets safe too.


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As a trusted cleaning company, we render qualified services that make cleaning oriental rugs and carpets and eliminating stains a lot less trouble for you. We have the capability to repair and clean rugs and carpets that are made from silk, wool, sheepskin and cowhide. Even exquisite Persian rugs or Central Asian rugs can be cleaned by us. We also clean Caucasian rugs, Anatolian rugs, Chinese rugs, Kurdish rugs, East Turkestan rugs and also Tibetan rugs.

CALL US AT +1 (971) 233-3750


Call: +1 (971) 233-3750

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The rug cleaners on our team are qualified professionals who have the skill to determine different varieties of threads, fabrics, and rugs to be able to pick the most efficient cleaning technique. Our cleaning center is furnished with all the essential instruments so that our experts can carefully repair your rugs.

Connect with us for a free assessment. And if you still wish to hire us after evaluating your rug, we can pick it up from your home for no additional cost.

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