Pet Stain-Friendly Rugs

Are you like many of the homeowners around the world that fell in love with a four-legged being? You are not alone. Feeling anxious about having a rug at home because your pet might have “accidents” on it? That feeling is normal. However, you should be happy to know that there are different rugs that you can buy that are pet-friendly and stain-friendly. The list below will help you decide which rug is suitable for your pet-friendly home.

Stain-Friendly Rug #1: Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the many things that you can have to keep your pretty. Having one also means that you can enjoy your rug without worrying too much about pet accidents. The advantage of having carpet tiles is that it is easy to maintain and replace dirty portions of it. You just need to remove the dirty tile to have it done. So plan ahead and determine the size of your rug to make sure you have enough replacements for future pet accidents.

Stain-Friendly Rug #2: Outdoor Rugs

These type of rugs are known to be durable. It can withstand different weather conditions. Having these rugs are convenient as they are made to last even when exposure to heat, dust, wind, rain, and the sun for longer periods of time. Also, the materials used to make these rugs are a great match to your furry four-legged family member. If accidents happen on these rugs, cleaning them would be easy. They are bleachable and scrubbable. You can also just use your garden hose to clean these rugs. This means that you can remove any stain out of it the simplest way possible.

Stain-Friendly Rug #3: Patterned Rugs

There are numerous rugs that you can buy in the market today. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs. If you want to have a rug that is friendly to any pet accident, then you must opt for something that has intricate and busy rug pattern. Having one means that you are able to hide a multitude of pet stains. The patterns will hide it for you. Talk about hiding in plain site.

Having a stain-friendly rug will help you manage the cleanliness and beauty of your rug the easiest possible. But, it doesn’t mean that your rug will be resistant to stain. The rugs mentioned above still needs regular cleaning to keep them around the household for a long time. Even when you have these pet-friendly and stain-friendly rugs, you still need to be the responsible owner and give your rugs a regular cleaning and vacuuming. It is also recommended to have them brushed regularly to keep pet shedding on the rug to the minimum. If you have cats, it is best to have a rug that is not made from natural fibers as cats like sharpening their paws on them. Spot cleaning your rug would also help minimize the dirt on your rug.

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