The Things That You Need To Know About Popular Rug Materials

rug materials

Buying a new rug is more than just checking how it is made or the design that it portrays. Knowing the material used to have it made is also essential when buying a new rug. The quality of rug that is being sold in the rug market is mostly about the quality of rug fiber that is used. So, before buying your next home rug, here are the things that you need to know about the most common rug materials used to produce the rugs sold in the market today.


If you ask any rug merchant about the best qualities of a wool rug, you would hear them say that wool rugs have sturdy piles that also has the ability to repel stains and water. It is also good heat insulator and it feels pleasant under the feet. This material is also a good choice for high foot traffic areas. You can put wool rugs in the dining room, living room, or in the hallway. However, wool rugs have the tendency to shed over time. This also makes this type of rug not good for places that are humid or damp.


If wool feels really good under the feet, you will say that silk feels way softer and better under the feet than the latter because its fiber is finer and softer. This type of rug is elegant to look at and has a very luxurious appeal. The fibers, though delicate, are tear resistant.  However, it is not as sturdy in comparison to wool rugs. The best places that you can place this type of rug is in bedrooms. Because of the quality of silk rug, they come expensive. But, you will also get what you pay for with silk rug.


Cotton rugs are soft and are generally inexpensive. They are also strong and stable that they are commonly seen placed in kitchens. The reason for this is because this type of rug is easy to maintain and wash. However, the disadvantage of a cotton rug is that it attracts dirt. They also become felted and compressed.


This is another luxurious rug pile next to silk rug. This type of rug is thick, which is usually seen in pastel colors and braided styles. Chenille rugs are also considered to be more contemporary than other rugs. This rug type can be usually seen in nurseries as they are a good cushion for babies. Because this type of rug is as luxurious as silk, they can also be seen in sitting areas and formal living rooms. But, this type of rug is not good for places that have high foot traffic.

Jute, Seagrass, and Sisal

Rugs made of these fibers are durable and strong. Rugs made of natural fiber have neutral colors, which makes them ideal for rug layering. Most of these rugs can be seen in display in homes near the beach. They are also popular in home cottages.


The best disadvantage of having rugs made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, olefin, and acrylic yarn are that they are stain and fade resistant. They are also the cheapest type of rug that you can find sold in the market. Synthetic fibers are good in places that have high foot-traffic. They are better placed in kid’s rooms, playrooms, living rooms, and laundry rooms. The only downside of having a synthetic rug is it does not feel the same as rugs made of natural fibers.

There are rugs that are made of other materials besides the ones mentioned above. The most important thing you need to remember when buying a new rug is to know how it is made and what is made of. This way, you and your investment will be protected.

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