Types Of Rug Materials Suitable For The Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom does not stop on the type of flooring you install or other vanities that you wish to have in your bathroom. It is often forgotten that bathroom rugs can also give your new bathroom a chic and elegant look. When remodeling, it will always be helpful if you think outside the box. So, when planning for your new bathroom, don’t forget to include the type of rugs that you can put in it.

The benefits of rugs do not stop from aesthetics. Rugs can also be functional. In the bathroom, they can help prevent anyone from slipping on wet floors. They also provide comfort whenever you step on it. In cold nights, rugs can also protect your feet from the cold floor, making it more comfortable for you to do your business in the bathroom.

Before you start purchasing new rugs for your bathroom, here are the things that you need to consider: rug materials, absorbency, color, and slip resistance.


A bathroom rug or mat can be found in a wide array of materials. It can be found made out of cotton, nylon, chenille, bamboo, and polyester. It is recommended that you stick to these materials as these are made to last longer under wet conditions.

Cotton is one of the most common materials used to make rugs, not just for the bathroom but for other parts of the house. Rugs that are made of this materials can be thinner than other types of the materials, but this type of material can provide comfort under the feet. It can also be seen in a variety of designs. The downside of cotton is that it is not as durable as other materials. It will not last as long as others, especially if the floor is constantly wet. It will wear away faster

Bamboo is another material used in making rugs suitable for bathroom use. This type of material is more durable than the latter and is cheaper in cost. The downside of this type of material is it does not give you a variety of options. It will only come in the color of the bamboo. In addition, it will not feel as soft as cotton under the feet.

Chenille rugs are also a good option for bathroom use. This type of rug material is durable and not easily damaged under wet conditions. For bathrooms that are wet all the time, this type of rug is recommended.

Polyester rugs are a great option for bathroom use, too. It is durable and does not easily wear off. This type of material is great for areas that have high foot traffic. It is recommended to have this type of rug in public bathrooms or areas that are frequently in use.

Nylon rugs are another great options for bathroom use. This type of rug is also durable and last the longest in comparison to the other types of rug materials. This is the reason why this type of rug is very popular in the bathroom. In addition, it offers better slip resistance than other types of rug materials in the list.


Because these rugs are supposedly placed in the bathroom, it is of high importance that they are very absorbent. This will discourage mold growth in the bathroom. It also helps prevent slipping and accidents. The absorbency rate of any rug is really dependent on the material used. As for the list above, bamboo rugs have the best absorbency rate than others. Having a bamboo rug in your bathroom will help keep the bathroom dry.


Just like other types of rugs, bathroom rugs come in a variety of colors, too! You have to option to keep one type of rug in your bathroom the entire year or keep changing it with the weather or when your budget permits it. You just have to remember that harmony is key. Choose a rug that goes naturally with the color of your walls or the theme that you want to go with.

Slip Resistance

Another great feature that you should look into when buying bathroom rugs is its ability to resist slipping. Make sure that when you buy for a bathroom rug that you check whether the bottom side of it is equipped with rubber cushion. If your bathroom rug does not have rubber cushion or anti-skid material, then you can place a rubber mat under it to make sure no accidents happen.



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