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Rugs can take a beating as a result of regular use. Day to day foot traffic over rugs can trigger dirt, oils, dust, allergens and stenches to end up being caught in the fibers. Unless you prefer to replace an old rug and purchase a new rug frequently, it needs adequate care and maintenance. It will last for a longer time with proper cleaning. If you do not thoroughly care for your rug, it will not last long. When dirt and debris get caught in the fibers of your rug, it will lead to abrasion, which can wreck the rug threads. If you allow filthy rugs go for a long time without cleaning, the dirt and particles can damage the threads and form tears in the rug from the friction.

We provide rug cleaning services. No blemish is too difficult for us. We can take care of wine blemishes, sauce blemishes and even coffee stains. If your pet has a potty accident or if the baby plays "baby diaper blowout", we've got what it takes to help you.

A spill over can be held back from spreading by using a clean cloth to dry the area. However, it is best if you keep from attempting to clean the rug yourself. Most of the cleaning solutions in the grocery stores usually contain strong chemicals. Rather than cleaning it, you will end up ruining the fibers of your rug. Also, refrain from soaking water onto any part of the rug because it will spread out blemishes. It could also cause the dye in the carpet fibers to run through. This will lead to discoloration of the rug and could damage the floor where the rug is placed.

We provide qualified cleaning services to remove blemishes and clean rugs. We use different professional cleaning techniques like color testing to ensure that the rug dyes do not run through throughout the cleaning process.

Our 10-step rug cleaning process will carefully clean your rug without ruining the exquisite fibers that make it so special. Our rug experts received advanced training so you can always rely on them to perform a wonderful job when it comes to cleaning and restoring your rug. Best of all, we even offer a cleaning solution that is safe for you and everyone else in your household, including your pets.


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Do you need repair, cleaning and restoration services for your specialty rugs and carpets? We are the right company for the job! We use different cleaning methods depending on the variety of rug and carpet that you have. We can clean and restore rugs made from wool, silk, sheepskin as well as cowhide. We take Persian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Anatolian rugs, Caucasian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Chinese rugs, East Turkestan rugs and Tibetan rugs.

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Every one of our cleaners and specialists has the know-how to determine the material and fibers used in your rug to determine the most ideal cleaning method. Our top of the line cleaning center has modern cleaning resources required to restore and clean your rugs.

Consult with us today for a free consultation. We will offer you a quote and will pick up your rug for no cost should you decide to hire us for your rug restoration and cleaning.

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