Wool Rugs: What You Need To Know

There are numerous types and varieties of area rugs and carpets that are made and sold all over the world. One of these types is Wool. Carpets and rugs made of wool are considered to be of the best quality. This can be the best type of carpet or rug that you can buy and add to your home. The reasons why it is popular is because wool rugs are versatile, it is of high quality, it has its own style, it is beautiful, and it is sure to last for several lifetimes. Wool is actually one of the most durable materials that can be used to make carpets and rugs. If you happen to own a wool rug, then you are in luck!


The use of wool to make carpets and rugs go way back the ancient times. Until now, wool is being used to make durable and high-quality rugs, not only in Iran, but all over the world. With the number or manufacturers around that create wool rugs, it is not surprising to find different types of wool rugs. Each wool rug is unique on its own as the material is collected from different sheep, which comes in different age, type, gender, and health. The way how the wool is cared for and sheared also comes into account to the type and variety of wool rug that is produced.


Besides rug coming from Iran, wool rugs are also produced and manufactured in other middle eastern countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and other places. For some, the origin or the place where the rug has been produced and manufactured comes into account when deciding which rug to buy. However, it does not always indicate the quality of the rug. When buying a wool rug, you should also consider the type of wool used, the dyes, the design, and how it is made. Price is also one thing that others would consider. But, buying a cheaper rug can be more costly than buying a unique, durable, and more expensive rug for your home or office. You have to remember, when it comes to rugs, you always get what you pay for.


Wool rugs can either be hand tufted or machine made. It can be easy to determine which rug is made by a machine or made by hand by checking how they are put together. Machine made rugs does not have irregularities. You will see the straightest line possible when you check the backside of the rug. You will see the opposite when a rug is made by hand. When buying a wool rug, you should also check whether it is made of 100% wool or if it is blended with synthetic materials. Wool rugs with synthetic blends are much cheaper than its counterpart. The cheaper variety of wool is also easier to clean. However, most homeowners still prefer to buy wool rug which is 100% or at least 80% because of its luxury and uniqueness.


The most important thing that you need to remember when buying wool rugs is that no option is wrong. You will never get wrong with a wool rug. No matter how it is made or the type of sheep the material came from, you will always end up with a rug that is durable and will last for several lifetimes.

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